Boards have always faced many challenges in leading up to and during meetings. The main board problems have always been a lack of thorough preparation, which resulted in significantly reduced productivity of the sessions, and the participants’ passion dropped. Fortunately, today’s technology is helping to improve all of these aspects of board operations, engagement, and governance processes. This article will look at exactly how board portals enable these results.

What is board management portal software?

Board governance software is a robust digital space designed primarily for remote interaction and communication between board members and for storing and sharing confidential documents and preparing for meetings more efficiently. Board portals eliminate paper documents, allowing secretaries to simplify their work. So, you can quickly assemble and send out a package of necessary documents before a meeting. If you need to update the information in those documents, you can safely do so because all document version data is synchronized. 

One of the essential advantages of the board portal is its security. By using the space, you no longer need to use third-party insecure programs to exchange documents, such as email. The data in the portal is protected by state-of-the-art encryption methods, both during storage and during transmission. Administrators can also control access and visibility of documents or any chat rooms for specific users. In addition, the board portal dramatically improves communication and interaction among participants, encouraging them to express their opinions and increasing their passion because the outlet is straightforward to use and provides easy access from any device and location.

How do board portals increase participant engagement?

The main reason board participants’ passion is low is poor participant preparation or a poorly designed schedule. While we’ll talk about the second reason a little later, poor practice can be because the people responsible for preparing the documents sent the packet to the other participants too late, or those documents got lost among other emails, causing participants to forget about them. How can board software fix this? The software automates most of the processes involved in document preparation and retrieval. A secretary can collect and send the necessary documents in one click. At the same time, other members can easily access the centralized board portal space at any time and study these documents even if they are on the road. To find the document you want, you can use an intelligent search and not waste time looking through piles of material before seeing the data you want.

 In addition, whiteboard portals use polls, voting, and online chats so that all members can express their opinions on a topic.

How do board portals improve meeting management?

Boardroom portals make it much easier to create meeting minutes and agendas, allowing you to organize them clearly and efficiently. For this space, they offer the use of ready-made templates, drag-and-drop functionality, and more. Also, meeting organizers can use the integrated meeting calendar to help determine the ideal meeting time and date for all attendees. Your colleagues can see event schedules, connect with them, find the reports, archives, and meeting preparation documents they need, and complete their tasks in one centralized location. To learn more about how the board portal works, go to