In this article, you will learn how to renovate your outdated furniture into a brand new piece of furniture at home. The latest restoration ideas here.

Why is furniture restoration needed? 

When an old thing is pretty worn out and has lost its presentable appearance, we mostly throw it out and buy a new one. Fresher and more modern. But some people have a different opinion on this matter. If the quality of the furniture is okay, or you have a hard time saying goodbye to things, or this piece of furniture is just out of fashion, they are in no hurry to replace it. There is a furniture restoration for this purpose.

We would like to say, restoration services from professionals are not cheap. So if you are wondering whether you can restore the furniture at home, the answer is that you can. The main thing is to follow a few tips.  

Sequence of steps in the restoration

1. Disassemble the furniture, remove the fittings 

To facilitate the process of restoration with their own hands, it is recommended to disassemble the object into separate elements, so that then you can freely handle each of the parts. Usually, you only need to remove the fittings, pull out the drawers, and remove the hinged doors. 

2. Remove the old paintwork

There are several ways to remove old paint and varnish: with sandpaper, a washout, or with a construction hairdryer. You can also combine methods for more effective results.

3. Eliminate exterior damage

All damage such as scratches, cracks, and chips are masked with special products. Larger damages can be filled with several layers of filler, and cracks and scratches can be filled with furniture wax.  

4. Preparing for the finish coat

Be sure to level the surface before varnishing. To do this, use fine grit sanders successively. Remove the dust after sanding with a special damp rag.

5. Applying the finishing coat

How your piece of furniture will look is up to you. If you want to keep the look of wood, use clear varnishes and water-based wood oils. If you want to do the thing in color, take enamel or furniture paint. 

Interesting ideas for restoration

  • Create a sloppy effect 

Very specific and does not suit every interior, but looks very fresh

  • Coat with “white” varnish 

The wood is treated in a dry brush technique, the material is not painted over the whole surface, but consciously leaves traces and leaking bases

  • Decoupage 

Choose the material which will be suitable for your interior. It can be anything you like: wallpaper, geographical maps, old newspapers, decoupage cloths. Carefully glue the material on the surface and fix it with transparent varnish. 

  • Apply ornaments

The presence of creative patterns will draw the eye away from any irregularities and scratches in the furniture. Even without artistic skills, it is possible to implement this idea. Just order a stencil and enjoy the updated interior.