In this article, we will talk about how to properly build your business antique repair service. Where to start, as well as the benefits of this type of business.

Relevance of antique repair serviceĀ 

There is an opinion that the restoration of trade in antiques is an activity that can be taken seriously only if you have a good start-up capital and some connections in this area. This is not entirely true – the idea of a business for the restoration of antiques will give you not only a good income, but also improve your skills to a level where you can work with expensive antique work. 

Good and valuable furniture has always been expensive. It was made of expensive wood, and unique patterns or carvings were an indication that the thing was created by a real professional. But you still have to start at the bottom, restoring ordinary furniture and all the items that are broken: from the old casket to the African mask. 

Thus, expanding the customer base and improving your skills you will be able to form your antique repair service, with your staff, workshop, and database. You may also have to turn to data room companies and security services to organize your business well. 

Where to Start

All the same, to start this kind of activity you need in-depth knowledge in a particular area related to antiques: vintage watches, cars, musical instruments, coins, etc. With this knowledge, it will be much easier to navigate the price and value of certain goods. 

So, for this business idea, you need to have the skills to repair and customize certain items with which you want to associate your business. 

This also requires a set of tools you need for repairs and quality materials. 

Next, you need to start buying antiques to restore them and then resell them. But where to look for the right product? 

First Steps

You don’t have to go to the countryside to find a valuable and interesting item to restore or participate in an archaeological dig. There are probably plenty of people in your city willing to say goodbye to old “junk,” and here’s how to find them:

  • Place ads on advertising platforms on the Internet by themselves going out to a young audience that will gladly sell you their old unnecessary things
  • In the old fashioned way, you can also put up ads around town, thus reaching a larger audience, and you can also take a small place in the market and buy up old things there
  • Tour the towns and villages near your city. Here you may have the opportunity to find a really valuable thing, such as antique things of folklife, which, after restoration can be a real work of art
  • Internet auctions – there are online resources such as eBay, where you can sometimes find the rarest things, for which the owners want mere pennies