Clocks are something that is in every home, and although usually, we do not notice them when they break, it becomes difficult to live without them. In this article, we will tell you how to repair your antique clock yourself.

The most common problem its solution

As previously mentioned, clocks can easily be repaired by yourself. This article specifically focuses on the topic of antique clock repair, they can be useful for other kinds of clocks as well. 

So, first of all, you should verify that your watch is wound. There are many times when handymen come on a call, but in the end, they just wind the clock and you waste your money and time.

Starting your watch is usually easy, but sometimes it can be disconcerting because there are several kinds of watches, and you have to determine which ones you have: 

  • Antique British dial clocks
  • Antique floor clock
  • Modern Floor Clock

Correcting Antique British dial clocks

A vintage British dial clock is distinguished by the fact that it has a spring drive. It is a clock with a single dial gear and a single winding point. Therefore, to get the watch running again, you must use a key with the number 11 or a crank with the number 10. Place the key in the rewind point and twist it sixteen turns clockwise. You will know when you have finished turning it enough times because when the watch is wound, the mechanism will not allow you to turn the key again. 

Set the time by manually moving the hands, and if you notice that the time is either too fast or too slow, fix the setting using the screw nut on the bottom of the pin.

Repair Antique floor clock

An antique floor clock has two rewind points and two loads that hold the time and operate the arrows on the clock face. To start it put the same key first in one and then in the second winding point and twist it about thirteen times. You will know when you have made enough revolutions because the balance should get on the wooden board on which the timepiece is mounted. 

This clock also has a little feature because, in addition to the time, it also shows the phases of the moon. To regulate the phases of the moon, press lightly on the clock face and slide the hand until it indicates the right phase.

Fixing the Modern Floor Clock

A modern floor clock is a modern clock that can be wound in two ways. These clocks usually have three different kinds of gears, and each has a different weight. 

When your clock has three winding points, put the key in it and twist it thirteen times. In this case, the stop sign will also be the scale that hits the wooden board. 

When no winding points are provided, it is necessary to wind the watch with weight chains. Each load has a different weight and to wind the clock simply drag each chain until the load strikes the wooden plank.