In this article, we will tell about such elements of the modern interior as a wooden wall clock. Find out what’s on-trend right now, as well as the best manufacturers of this product.

What is the special feature of wooden clockwork? 

Recently, things made of natural materials are gaining in popularity, so wooden clock gears especially fit into the trend.

Wood is an eco-friendly, natural, and popular material that is also very safe. Clocks made of this material fit perfectly into the home environment and evoke calm and comfort. The appearance of these clocks is not flashy and irritating, and they do not take up as much space as, for example, pendulum clocks.

 For the first time, such clocks appeared in England in the 16th century, and as we know, fashion is cyclical, so this trend is relevant again.

Top trendy shapes of wooden clocks

  • The most versatile shape of wooden wall clocks is the circle

The circle is a classic among the modern variety of shapes. They perfectly fit into any interior as they are very minimalistic by nature, there is always a demand for them.

If we’re talking about the color of the wood, there are different shades, you can choose according to your taste from light beige to almost black. 

  • Wooden clocks in bronze, gilt, or crystal cases 

These models suit certain types of interiors, for example, they are perfect for the living room with a classic style or a room with baroque and empire style. The clock is a small but very important detail, and this form will give your home a very presentable look. 

  • Artificially aged wood 

These wooden clocks are suitable for retro and vintage-style rooms. The look of old crackled wood, maybe even carved, looks very aesthetically pleasing on the wall.  

  • Handmade wooden clocks 

Nowadays handmade clocks are very valued because masters always put a part of their soul into the work of art, and the handmade item itself brings incredible warmth and comfort to the house.

  • Wooden clocks in the country style

It’s another trend of our time. Usually, such clocks show all the charms of country life, flowers, fruits, birds, etc. 

  • Wooden clocks with Roman numerals

The numerals can be made of other alloys, copper or silver. Many antique English clocks are depicted with Roman numerals.

Where to buy?

The Japanese company Seiko – this company specializes not only in wall clocks but also in wrist and table clocks. They make very high-quality products and that’s why they are among the top manufacturers.

Features of products: 

  • Creative, concise, and thoughtful product design
  • Ease of use (the clock has no problems translating and it’s easy to change the batteries)
  • Very accurate time 
  • Do not make a lot of noise
  • Nice price 

The guarantee of service for their products is about 10 years.

Kaiser Quartz is an Indian company that makes economic and reliable wooden clocks. 

  • Can make watches to personal order
  • Mainly designs in antique style
  • Fair price

You can also make clocks with your own hands, which for you will be better than any brand, also a lot of wooden clocks are sold in online stores.